Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ahhhh, blessed fog!

OK, so what's with this weather?

Love our natural air conditioning, Fog. The past three days were so hot, triple digits and very low humidity. Today I have an sweatshirt on and am drinking hot tea! Also heard that we may have drizzle this weekend with possible snow showers in the mountains. This is just too wierd for August. Lately I blame everything on global warming or globalization.

A fun bit of trivia, the first spanish expeditions to northern California missed the San Francisco bay due to the fog.

Had a phone interview today and have a in person interview tomorrow. The job sounds good, ecommerce, however the pay is less than what I was making. Supposedly there is room for advancement though.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back

Back from a hiatus.

Just after returning from my vacation in April, I learned that my hours were cut. Then a couple of months later I was laid off. Was depressed at first, now just feel like my life is on hold till I find another job.

So I've decided to blog through this experience to give me another creative outlet.

It's a lot of work looking for a job, especially in this economy. I've never seen a job market like this. There are jobs out there however there are so many people looking. I've had a few interviews but no offers. My goal is to send resumes every day and look in multiple sources. I usually work in the morning and evening. Then have a few free hours in the afternoon. Looks like it will be a long haul. I am lucky to have great supportive friends. I need to stop worrying and start using this time wisely.

Here are a couple of pictures of my latest pottery. On the top are high fired porcelain houses (painted with low fire underglazes).

And salt fired teapots. I was working on throwing closed forms and adding the spouts, handles and knobs.

And don't forget my clay rock!