Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Reading List

Oprah has posted her summer reading list. It is a list of 25 books. She also has another list of 10 more books. I suppose someone who doesn't do much else could read 25 books in a summer; it would be a little more than 2 books a week. I'll be happy if I finish one or two books this summer.

Below is my book list I hope to finish in the next few years (in no particular order)
  • Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt
  • World Without End - Ken Follett
  • Jazz - Toni Morrison
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston
  • Saving Fish From Drowning - Amy Tan
  • Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austin
  • Daughter of Fortune - Isabel Allende
  • Little Dorrit - Charles Dickens
  • Founding Mothers - Cokie Roberts
  • In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan
  • The World Without Us - Alan Weisman
  • We Were the Mulvaneys - Joyce Carol Oates
  • The Shipping News - E. Annie Proulx
  • Life of Pi - Yann Martel
  • Snow Falling on Cedars - David Guterson
  • While I Was Gone - Sue Miller
  • Switch - Bill Bayer


Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Life in France

I'm reading My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme. Great book, reading it makes me want to learn french and make sauces. She was such a joyful and passionate person; can't help but be inspired.

You tube video of Julia making an omlette here

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greenstring Farm

A big thanks to Hylla for the complements on my blog and for her order of tea cups. Check out her website here. She is a wonderful encaustic painter.

We frequent the same organic farm, Greenstring. The picture includes onions, garlic, organic eggs and dried sweet peppers, that smell wonderful. Looks like a good frittata, doesn't it. I've also included one of my micaceous clay pots.

Will post more later about the farm when the luscious tomatoes are available.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back at Tortuga

Back at Tortuga again after taking a break. Good to be back and I'm glad I took a break. Good to be back with my friends and the creative energy. I joined this pottery studio in 1993 and have been there every week save a few months break. It's like a second home for me. There are a few people who have been there longer. We have watched each other grow up. Its a special place and we love new people also. They bring in new ideas and energy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Latest Ceramic Work

Here are some pottery pieces I made before I took a break.

High fire hand built tea cups

Wood fire sushi plates and wasabi bowls
High fire and low fire houses

The studio opens again this week. Still not sure what I'm going to work on. I'm thinking of porcelain pieces with drawings using glaze pencils.