Monday, July 6, 2009

Back at Tortuga

Back at Tortuga again after taking a break. Good to be back and I'm glad I took a break. Good to be back with my friends and the creative energy. I joined this pottery studio in 1993 and have been there every week save a few months break. It's like a second home for me. There are a few people who have been there longer. We have watched each other grow up. Its a special place and we love new people also. They bring in new ideas and energy.


  1. I was browsing blogs and I came across this one which has a ton of knitting links.

  2. BTW can I suggest you enlarge the font and eliminate the verification? That's just to deflect spam which doesn't happen unless you get DROVES of readers. (not that you WON'T, but I suspect for now you're not)

  3. Thanks for the knitting link. What verification? When you leave a comment you need to verify? I'll try it next time.