Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Vacation Pictures

I intended to post these pictures last week when I returned home. But promptly caught a cold. And then came down with the worst case of pink eye I have ever had. I couldn't go out in public; I felt like a leper. My boss was the funniest. I went to work, asked if she wanted me to go home because I was still contagious. She handed me a package of anti-bacterial wipes and said "Go to your office and don't touch anything." OK, no problem.

Our hosts, my cousin and her husband.

More cousins, second and third cousins. Dad, do you recognize these two?

A view of the house from the beach. It's for sale. Asking price is 4+ million, and needs alot of work. Lots of leaks and needs an upgrade. But the view is what you are paying for.

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