Friday, June 26, 2009

The Core Values of Art

  1. Art and play are the same practice.

  2. Art is life - Life is Art. Create the type that makes you deeply happy.

  3. To succeed, allow difficulties to grow and change into self-directed persistence by watering your own root. Persistence is the key to success. Your only job is to remain engaged in creative work.

  4. Master self doubt. It is the only force that can keep you imprisoned. There is never a right way to do art.

  5. Begin again. The magic gifts of your creative output await you and the world. Imagine if VanGogh would have given up.

  6. Just paint. Everything you need will follow. Markets always exist and pay well for truthful art from your heart. Believe me!

  7. Practice stepping away and seeing from every possible angle and perspective. This is where you will find the freedom to grow. Try to suspend time. Develop self-compassion.

  8. Find mentors who can't possibly teach you what they know in your lifetime and spend infinite time by their sides.

  9. Encouragement is the key.

Excerpt from Carole Watanabe's book, The Ecstatic Marriage of Life and Art.

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