Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Visit

Just got home from a short visit with my family. It was my Dad's 82nd birthday. People ask how does it feel and he says he doesn't know; he's never been 82 before. I'm glad he is doing so well; happy, healthy, and enjoying life.

This is a picture of my Dad and niece bonding over chicken wings! They didn't leave many for the rest of us.

My family lives in Southern California, in a beach town. I forgot how much cooler it is, more humid and foggy than where I live. Even the weather brought back memories. Aria came with me. She is a good traveler. Sits in the back seat, looking out the window, like a passenger. Though she doesn't give any warning when she needs a pit stop!

I also visited with a friend from high school who was in town the same weekend. She lives in another state. We keep in contact via phone, email and now Facebook but haven't' seen each other in many years. It was great to hang out and reminisce. It's also great to know someone for almost 40 years. We've changed and yet we haven't. We met in our high school senior year and couldn't wait to get on with our lives. I'm now happy to take life at a slower pace. I like getting older. I wish I looked like I did when I was younger but I am so much happier, not so self-conscience or worried about the future. I like feeling secure enough in myself to be able to care more for others.

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